Cosmetic procedures and your 2016 budget

We all want a movie star smile, but we don’t all have a movie star budget. How can you make sure the smile of your dreams is affordable in 2016?

First of all, keep in mind that Smiles by Shields offers payment options. Financing is available to those who qualify and we’ve got industry-leading partners that make dentistry affordable for everyone.

Secondly, new year = new coverage! If you’ve maxed our your plan in 2015, it’s a new year! Time to make the most of it!

Third, it’s really important to remember how much a perfect smile is worth. It’s an incredible investment! A great smile projects confidence, friendliness, and enriches your earning potential!

Fourth, they’re often a one-time intermittent expense. Unlike your new gym membership, data plans, and car payments, these aren’t long-term commitments requiring maintenance and upgrades. Once you’ve done the dental work, you’re golden and paid for is paid for. No more thinking about your cosmetic needs.

If you’re looking for a gorgeous smile in 2016, meet with us and we’ll make sure it can fit into your budget. There’s no reason not to invest in your smile!


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