CBD Benefits and Your Overall Health

Cannabidiol, commonly abbreviated as “CBD,” has become very popular and has been the subject of a lot of news and controversy lately. It is being offered as a health-promoting nutritional supplement for many uses. Some of the claims about CDB are not properly verified, but a few are. While many people claim to have enjoyed beneficial effects that science has not yet verified- there is no doubt that people are experiencing beneficial placebo effects.

The Proven Medicinal Benefits of CBD

Of all the many health claims made about CBD, the evidence is strongest for its ability to treat childhood epilepsy. In particular, the symptoms of Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome, which do not typically respond to traditional medicine – do respond positively to treatment with CBD oil.

By taking CBD, children with these and similar epileptic conditions have been documented to have experienced fewer seizures, and seizures of lower intensity. Some patients have even experienced a complete cessation of seizures after starting regular CBD treatments.

Some of the video evidence for the ability of CBD to stop seizures is quite dramatic. They show children in the grip of a seizure and being given the oil. Within moments to minutes, the seizures would slow and stop. In 2018, the FDA approved the CBD product Epidiolex specifically for treating childhood epileptic conditions.

Why People Take CBD?

The most common reasons people take CBD is to reduce anxiety and to treat insomnia. Research has shown that it can and does reduce symptoms arising from both of these conditions. Sleep studies have also shown that CBD can have a dramatic positive effect on a person’s ability to fall asleep and stay asleep longer.

CBD may also be useful in the treatment of several different kinds of chronic pain. A study published in the European Journal of Pain demonstrated using an animal model that CBD can reduce pain and inflammation from arthritis when applied to the skin. Another study showed that CBD can also inhibit neuropathic pain and inflammation.

It’s worth noting that these are two of the most difficult chronic pain conditions to treat and that CBD has been more effective in treating them than any other intervention. While the mechanism by which CBD reduces pain and inflammation is not well understood, these effects have been well documented. At present, more research with human patients is needed before more of the claimed health benefits of CBD can be verified.

However, from the evidence that we have now, it is not unreasonable to say that CBD can:

  • Help regulate neurological activity: as observed in its effect on seizure disorders
  • Reduce inflammation: a cause of a wide array of chronic health conditions
  • Treat chronic pain: in cases where other treatments have had little success

The Side Effects of CBC

In patients who use CBD regularly, fatigue and irritability sometimes result. For those just beginning to take it, nausea sometimes results. Finally, CBD has been observed to have the strange effect of increasing the level of a given medication in the blood. This can be beneficial if carefully monitored- but it can also be dangerous.

The Benefits of CBD for Cosmetic Dentistry Patients

Dental implants, restorative dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry can be some of the most dreaded of all dental surgical procedures. Because of the ability of CBD to reduce pain as well as anxiety- many dental professionals have turned to CBD to help their patients relax before receiving surgery.

Much of the pain and discomfort from oral surgery stems from the anticipation patients feel as soon as they enter the office. Once pain killers have been administered, patients experience little to no pain, during or after surgery.

For these reasons, many dental professionals believe CBD to be a great holistic way to help patients settle into the dentist’s chair and allow the dentist to begin work. Dr. Tiffany Shields in Jacksonville, FL offers CBD treatment for this very reason. Patients who opt for it report less pain and anxiety leading up to and during oral surgery. Contact us today to learn more, and schedule your initial consultation.


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