When to Consider Alfa Thermometry

Smiles by Shields believes that in order to help patients feel better they need to focus not only on improving their oral health but their overall health. In an effort to help patients better understand their whole body health, we offer Alfa Thermometry screening. What is Alfa Thermometry Screening? Alfa thermometry screening is a non-invasive body scan that provides a detailed understanding of your overall health. The scan provides clinicians and healthcare providers with real-time assessments that allow them to discover potential health problems that have yet to be diagnosed. What Types of Problems can be Identified with Alfa Thermometry Screening? Alfa Thermometry screening has been able to help in the early detection of over 40 different diseases and health problems. Some of the issues that have been identified with this whole-body screening include:
  • Certain abnormalities, such as tumors or lumps, in the breast...
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Dental Health During Pregnancy

Taking care of your dental health is always important, but since pregnancy can affect your dental health and increase your risk of certain health problems, it’s even more important to take good care of your teeth and gums during pregnancy. Studies have shown a link between gum disease and low birthweight and premature birth, so how well you take care of your oral health impacts your baby as well. Here’s a closer look at how pregnancy affects your dental health and some tips you can use to prevent dental health problems during your pregnancy. How Pregnancy Affects Dental Health When you’re pregnant, all the changes that occur in your body can have an effect on teeth and gums. More blood flows through the body, hormone levels are rising, and there’s more acid in the mouth during pregnancy. All of these changes increase the risk of dental...
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Best Vitamins for Your Oral Health

Protecting your oral health goes beyond just making sure you brush, floss, and head to the dentist for those bi-annual checkups. What you’re putting on your plate also impacts your oral health. Sure, you already know that you should skip the sugar to prevent cavities, but you may not realize that getting the right vitamins is essential for a clean, strong, healthy smile, too. Whether you focus on eating your vitamins or you take nutritional supplements, here’s a closer look at some of the best vitamins for your oral health. Vitamin A Although vitamin A is associated with a strong immune system, clear skin, and better eyesight, it’s also important for the maintenance of salivary flow and healthy mucous membranes in your mouth. Not only can it help prevent dry mouth, it can promote faster healing in your mouth. You can find vitamin A in egg...
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