All about ALFA Thermometry

The human body is a complex system of organs, tissues and fluids that function independently, yet are interconnected and work in unison – what happens in one part of the body can affect other areas. Specifically, problems in the mouth can be signs of potential problems elsewhere. Likewise, problems in the body can signal issues affecting the mouth. ALFA thermometry is an FDA-cleared tool that can help healthcare professionals detect emerging health issues early, when most conditions respond best to treatment. ALFA thermometry can help a healthcare practitioner identify the root causes of symptoms, which is incredibly helpful for patients experiencing undiagnosed problems. Healthcare professionals can also use the breakthrough technology of ALFA thermometry to build a customized treatment plan for every patient they treat. Healthcare practitioners can use ALFA thermometry to discover disturbances occurring at a cellular level, which are too subtle to ever show...
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Why are My Gums Bleeding?

Seeing a tiny amount of blood in the sink after brushing and flossing may seem completely normal to you, but it isn’t normal. In fact, spitting out small amounts of blood after brushing and flossing is not normal at all and it could indicate that your teeth and gums aren’t as healthy as you think. Improve your oral health by learning more about what causes gums to bleed and what you can do if you start to experience bleeding gums. The Most Common Cause of Bleeding Gums is Gum Disease Gum disease develops when bacteria, which is found in plaque, is not properly removed. If the bacteria-filled plaque is left in the mouth it will eventually start to attack the healthy gum tissue that surrounds your gum. When under attack by the harmful...
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Don’t Overlook the Health of Your Tongue

Have you noticed that you often deal with bad breath even though you’re brushing and flossing diligently each day? If you’re simply brushing and flossing, you’re doing the health of your mouth a disservice if you’re forgetting about all the bacteria that live on your tongue. In many cases, bad breath is actually coming from the bacteria on your tongue. A healthy, clean tongue is critical for a healthy mouth and teeth, and here’s a closer look at why you need to stop overlooking the health of your tongue. The Importance of Your Tongue Although the tongue isn’t very big, it’s an important part of your mouth. In fact, it’s what makes it possible for you to articulate speech and eat without choking. Although you use it constantly, you probably don’t give it a lot of thought.
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