Birth weight and tooth enamel

Did you know that the condition of your child’s enamel is dependent upon your healthy pregnancy? New research links enamel problems with pregnancy complications including low birth weight babies.

Researchers in Peru released a study titled “Birth Weight and Pregnancy Complications Associated With the Enamel Defects.” The study included 1,309 children and assessed the association between birth weight and severity of defects development of enamel. The children’s mothers answered questionnaires regarding complications during pregnancy while the children’s enamel was classified for demonstrating defects in development.

The role of pregnancy complications and low birth weight was shown to negatively impact enamel development in the five year old children. Of course this is just a bit more evidence that a healthy pregnancy is important, but if you did develop complications in pregnancy, this may also urge you to watch the development of your child’s enamel more closely.


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