Been a while since your last cleaning? Here’s what to expect.

Even if it has been years since your last regular dental cleaning, we want to reassure you that an oral cleaning is a simple, pain-free procedure designed to keep your mouth healthy and clean! A cleaning appointment at Smiles by Shields focuses on:

  • Getting the gunk out: Tartar and plaque can build up above the gum line and unseen below the gum line. This is a problem than can eventually lead to periodontal disease. Even when you brush and floss regularly at home, it can be impossible to remove all of the debris and bacteria that cause this buildup. Our hygienists are specially trained to locate and remove this harmful buildup that can damage your health.
  • Polish and shine: Even with brushing and flossing at home, food and beverages can stain teeth over time. Coffee, tea, red wine, and foods can all contribute to brown or yellow tooth stains. Dental cleanings help remove this buildup so your smile looks brighter and whiter.
  • Leaving minty fresh: Some bad breath (or halitosis) can’t be controlled at home. Periodontal disease causes bad breath as bacteria builds up and food particles decay below the gum line. Prophylaxis removes all of this debris so your breath is refreshed.

No matter how long it has been since your last regular cleaning, don’t be afraid to jump back into the saddle at Smiles by Shields. We’ll remove the gunk, get you polished and shined, and you’ll leave feeling minty fresh!


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