Bad breath? We can help!

At Smiles by Shields, we care about the oral health care / total body wellness connection. And if you’re suffering from bad breath (or halitosis), the problem could start with your tongue. Layers of bacteria can get embedded on it, resulting in foul-smelling Volitlie Sulfer Compounds.  Other causes of bath breath can include:

  • dry mouth (which occurs naturally during sleep, but can also be caused by a glandular condition)
  • certain foods
  • post nasal drip

A common cold and its associated post nasal drip can be accompanied by bad breath because bacteria are attracted to the cold’s mucus and phlegm. To curb bad breath, brush twice daily, floss, scrape the tongue daily, and be sure to see your Jacksonville dentist Dr. Shields for your biannual prophylaxis.


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