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Dr. Tiffany Shields likes to stay up to date on news within the dental health field. Oral Health America (OHA) is urging for hygiene services to broaden due to unsatisfactory results found in their study, “A State of Decay.”

The study recently conducted by OHA included a state-by-state analysis of oral health care access for older Americans. “A State of Decay” places the spotlight on public health as well as health care delivery. Factors considered within the survey included state oral health plans, tooth loss, water fluoridation, and dental health shortage areas.

Over half of the states received a “poor” or “fair” evaluation in accordance with standard dental care access for older adults. Minnesota scored the highest, which OHA attributes partly to being the first state to approve mid-level oral health care providers, or Advanced Dental Therapists (ADT). ADTs are dually licensed dental hygienists that can deliver both preventative and restorative services. The OHA is encouraging more states to adopt this approach to ensure more adults are receiving the necessary dental care.

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