Annual events in Jacksonville Florida

Annual events in Jacksonville, Fl

Annual events in Jacksonville, Fl

The city of Jacksonville hosts a ton of exciting events and festivals all year round. Here, we’ll take you through some of the most eagerly anticipated events in this Florida’s city:

Jax Boat Show

Every year, the Jacksonville Marine Association puts on a 3-day boat show. This annual event displays and celebrates all kinds of sea craft, whether they are used for skiing, catching waves, or fishing.  Renowned captains of the year also perform and present fishing seminars at the Prime Osborn Convention Center.

Community First Seawalk Music Festival

This festival brings you the best of Jacksonville’s local cultures. It features all the local artists, food, and music. This one-day event is free and it is usually held on the beach at the Seawalk Pavilion.

Jax Greek Festival

Jax Greek Festival welcomes you to tap into your celebratory spirit. It is a day to follow up your Saint Valentine’s Day celebration by way of experiencing Greek culture, featuring authentic music and cuisine straight from Greece.  Be sure to visit the Morocco Shrine’s auditorium for a fun-packed thrilling event for 3 days straight.

Collective Con

For 3 days, Jacksonville welcomes you to pure excitement and fun featuring celebrity guests, comic book creators, voice actors, artists, writers, anime, video gaming, live music, and many more. Collective Con takes place at the Jacksonville Fairgrounds in Downtown Jacksonville.

Northeast Florida Veg Fest

Riverside Park hosts this day-long festival presented by the Girls Gone Green in celebration of exactly how their gardens grow.  Bring the family for a Saturday packed with entertainment and education about good health and ecological sustainability.  Don’t worry, there’s a beer garden, scavenger hunt, and pie eating contest too!


Come to the Riverwalk Southbank & the MOSH for this celebration of great gastronomy grub.  The currency is as green as the mindset at GastroFest so bring cash. Make use of #GreeningGastrofest to let social media know how you’re contributing (recycling, carpooling, etc.) to keeping things as green as possible.

Jax Science Festival

The Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ) and The Foundation Academy present one of the smartest and coolest science festivals in the state.  Come to FSCJ’s south campus to learn some new scientific tricks and the perfectly rational and evidenced-based logic behind those tricks.

Jax Book Festival

Celebrate your favorite literary rock star at the Main Library in Jacksonville.  This event, the second year in a row, will include book signings, meet-and-greets, classes on self-publishing, and much more.  Come take part in a burgeoning local tradition.

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