All about ALFA Thermometry

The human body is a complex system of organs, tissues and fluids that function independently, yet are interconnected and work in unison – what happens in one part of the body can affect other areas. Specifically, problems in the mouth can be signs of potential problems elsewhere. Likewise, problems in the body can signal issues affecting the mouth.

ALFA thermometry is an FDA-cleared tool that can help healthcare professionals detect emerging health issues early, when most conditions respond best to treatment. ALFA thermometry can help a healthcare practitioner identify the root causes of symptoms, which is incredibly helpful for patients experiencing undiagnosed problems. Healthcare professionals can also use the breakthrough technology of ALFA thermometry to build a customized treatment plan for every patient they treat.

Healthcare practitioners can use ALFA thermometry to discover disturbances occurring at a cellular level, which are too subtle to ever show up on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), x-ray, mammogram, ultrasound or other traditional imaging tests.

How ALFA Thermometry Works

On the hottest summer days and the coldest winter nights, the body maintains a stable core temperature through a process known as thermoregulation. The skin plays a major role in thermoregulation. The skin produces sweat to cool the body when it gets too hot, for example, and creates goosebumps to preserve heat when the body gets too cold.

The autonomic nervous system influences thermoregulation throughout the body. The autonomic nervous system regulates functions that happen unconsciously, such as breathing, heartbeat and circulation, and digestion. In response to internal and external stresses, the autonomic nervous system changes the amount of blood flowing through tiny capillaries in the skin. Increasing blood flow to the skin helps cool the blood and the body when the body is too hot, and decreasing the blood flow to the skin helps conserve heat when the body is too cold.

The skin does not heat or cool evenly all over the body, though. When outside temperatures are very cold, the autonomic nervous system will direct the blood flow to the vital organs. This means skin temperature near the heart may be warmer than skin temperatures at the toes and fingers.

Furthermore, the underlying organs and tissues themselves may cause subtle temperature differences in the skin or in the mouth. Underlying disease and dysfunction can also cause minute differences in temperature. Measuring and recording skin temperatures under normal conditions and under gentle temperature stresses can provide incredible insight into the health of various organs, tissues and even cells.

What to Expect During the ALFA Thermometry Procedure

ALFA thermometry is a gentle, painless and non-invasive procedure. It involves a whole body scan, but 25% of the scan focuses solely on your teeth.

To perform ALFA thermometry, the healthcare practitioner uses a special wand that reads temperatures. The medical professional touches the wand to specific points of your body and records the temperature at each location.

Next, you will stand in a very cold room while the healthcare professional repeats the scanning. The way your body reacts to the gentle stress of the cold temperatures provides a great deal of information about your overall health and your dental health. Changes in temperature patterns help the practitioner determine if your body is in dysregulation, and if it is, in what ways your body is in dysregulation.

Healthcare professionals cannot use ALFA thermometry to diagnose disease, as a definitive diagnosis relies on further clinical testing and evaluation. ALFA thermometry can provide valuable information about your health in a detailed report that you can share with your healthcare providers.

ALFA thermometry provides exceptional insight into the body’s thermoregulation and autonomic nervous system health. It can also help healthcare professionals detect problems throughout the mouth and the rest of the body.

For more information about ALFA thermometry, consult with a healthcare professional with the training and expertise to perform this innovative procedure.


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