Afraid dental care will break the bank? The opposite is true!

Dr. Tiffany Shields is your Jacksonville FL dentist to help you discover how wellness dentistry is a cost-saving expenditure. It turns out that investing in your smile can reduce your total health care costs!

People with chronic conditions who received preventive care and treatment of gum disease have medical and dental claims an average of more than $1,000 lower per year than claims for chronically ill people who did not receive that type of oral care. For diabetics in particular, average savings were nearly $1,300 per person when treated for gum disease.

The connection between oral care and total body health is both financial and physical. In order to preserve your total body health and reduce the total cost of your health care over your lifetime, invest in dental health and oral care. Call your Jacksonville FL dentist today to get started on your dental care health plan!


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