ADA Looks to Implement Chairside Medical Screenings at the Dentist

Staying in tune with the dental industry is important to Dr. Tiffany Shields, and right now the dental industry is making a splash within the health care industry as a whole. The ADA Health Policy Resource Center (HPRC) is looking at the potential benefits of dentists performing medical screenings.

The data of HPRC’s study suggest medical screenings in the dentist office would be largely beneficial to the health care industry. Dr. Nasseh, a lead contributor of the study estimates that up to 27 million people see a dentist over a physician in a year. Giving dentists the opportunity to catch chronic illnesses can help patients stay healthy while lowering overall costs to the health care system. The producers of the study believe that these screenings could save the health care system as much as $102.6 million every year.

Dr. Tiffany Shields is always interested in improving the health of her patients. At your Jacksonville dentist we are curious how this movement towards chairside medical screenings will impact the dental field and in turn the entire health care field.


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