A New Radiographic Addition to the Smiles by Shields Team

New equipment is always fun to get, and we here at Smiles By Shields are excited to announce the arrival of a brand new Sirona Digital 3D Panoramic Radiographic Machine. This machine makes it possible for us to take 3D images of our patient’s upper and lower jaws, enabling us to provide them the best oral care possible.

What is  Radiographic Machine?

Radiographic machines are how dentists take images of your teeth. In the not-so-very-long-ago past, x-rays machines were used for this purpose. However new technology has given birth to new digital radiographic machines that enable dentists a 360 degree look at our patient’s teeth. With this machine we are able to take the clearest images of your teeth and oral tissues to diagnose issues such as cavities, and gum disease. Our new Sirona Digital 3D Panoramic Radiographic Machine will enable us to take a panoramic image of your entire jaw in seconds without excessive exposure to radiation, and no need to “stitch” together images to get a complete photo of your mouth.

The History of X-Ray Imaging

X-rays have been one of the most important diagnostic tools ever introduced to medicine. It all started in 1895 in Germany. A physicist by the name of Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen was testing whether or not a cathode ray could pass through glass. He noticed that a glow was coming from a chemically coated surface in his laboratory. Further testing of these rays, which he dubbed x-rays because he was unaware of what was causing the glow, found that they easily pass through soft tissues and materials but not through denser objects such as bone. Even more exciting is that these rays could be photographed and used by physicians to “look inside” the body without having to perform surgery. Unfortunately the early adopters of x-ray imaging in were unaware of the high levels of radiation they were absorbing. After many died of skin cancer, the association was made and appropriate precautions were made to keep doctors and patients safe.

X-rays can take photos of your insides because they shine highly energized electromagnetic energy at your body. This radiation can be damaging, however in the dental office – and in all medical offices to date, we take great strides to keep you shielded from harmful amounts of radiation. These electromagnetic waves travel through your soft tissues and are absorbed by the denser tissue that make  up your bones and teeth. This light absorption causes the “glow” Mr. Rontgen discovered and has helped doctors and dentists diagnose breaks, cavities,  and even foreign objects in patiens for more than 100 years.

The Dawn of Digital Radiography

There is no question that radiation is very harmful to living things. It can damage DNA and cause cancer, and burns along with many other complications. Since the 1950s when the true harm of excessive radiation was truly understood, dentists and doctors have been doing their best to protect their patients from harm. This has meant lead blankets, hasty photographs, and the necessity of trained radiographers. As digital technologies have begun to improve and advance the medical field, they have also improved radiographic imaging. Now with digital x-rays, we are able to get better quality, 3D images quicker. This means less radiation, quicker diagnosis, and a much better view of your entire mouth than we have ever been able to get before.  

At our Jacksonville, Florida dental practice we take great pride in knowing that we are doing our best to protect our patients from harm. We do this by filling cavities, helping deter and clean up gum infections, and promoting whole body wellness every day. By using this amazing digital 3D radiography machine we are able to provide our patients with a higher level of care that is backed by science. We can locate cavities sooner with less radiation, and fill them with safe composite materials. We are able to see very groove in every molar and locate potential areas of concern to keep an eye on, and to encourage healthy brushing habits to prevent as much tooth decay as possible.

If you have any questions about how we use 3D imaging at our Jacksonville, Florida dental practice, or would like to see how this cool new machine works in person, call us today to schedule your appointment.  


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