Kay Turbyfill

Kay-TurbyfillHi my name is Kay Turbyfill. I am a nurse practitioner with greater than 25 years’ experience in health care. I graduated from the university of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, NC in 1990.My work experience has taken me into various health fields, including internal medicine, family practice, long term care and public health.

The area that has brought me the greatest joy and fulfillment was being fortunate to train with a doctor from Europe to learn Biological Medicine. Biological Medicine looks at the person as a whole, how that every part of the body is connected to the whole. I learned how important it is to look at the mouth when treating the patient. I learned that Wellness can be the ultimate goal for everyone if we take out the toxins and put in the good nutrients. Having the opportunity to work with Dr .Shields to bring a Wellness dental practice to this area is truly a great joy for me.