Addressing Stress


We all know that decreasing your stress is something we should all strive to do . High stress will decrease your body’s ability to fight infections and absorb nutrients effectively. There are some simple things we should all make a priority:

  1. Get plenty of sleep
  2. Exercise daily
  3. Remove habits like smoking and excessive alcohol
  4. Support your health with proper supplements as suggested by your healthcare provider.

A proactive approach to your own mental, physical and dental health will increase your overall health and well being.

The window to your health-your mouth-will show subtle signs of stress. Some of these signs may include rolled and inflamed gums, dry mouth, chipped or worn down teeth, recent and unexplained cavities and infections. All of these signs can prematurely age your smile. If you would like options on how to maintain a healthy and youthful smile, call today for an appointment.

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