OralID at Smiles By Shields

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month, and at this Jacksonville, Florida dental practice is celebrating with a new tool, the OralID. The OralID is a new oral cancer screening tool that enables dentists to quickly and easily screen for oral cancer in their patients. If you have yet to be screened for oral cancer this year, call today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Shields.

What Is Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is cancer that affects the tissues of the mouth and can extend into the throat by causing cancer in the pharynx. Oral cancer is diagnosed in more than 49,000 Americans every year and is the cause of death of over 13,000 individuals every year. The mortality rate for this type of cancer is quite bleak, and mostly due to the fact that diagnosing oral cancer does not normally occur until...
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Inspire Dental Wellness In Your Community

As your trusted Jacksonville, Florida dentist Dr. Tiffany Shields does her best to inspire her patients to make healthy choices and practice dental wellness every day. This inspiration does not only extend to her patients though it can reverberate and cause positive changes in their entire family and even friend groups too. New studies confirm that it’s you who can inspire dental health and wellness more effectively than your dentist. So next time you make an appointment to see Dr. Shields, ask her how you can become an agent of change for your family and friend’s oral benefit.

The Study

Earlier this year Brenda Heaton, assistant professor of health policy and health services research at Boston University’s Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine, was researching the relationship between oral health and disease in residents of Boston public housing. Wondering...
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Tips on Toothbrushing

One of the most important tasks a dentist has is to educate their patients on how to properly take care of their teeth while they are at home. A professional cleaning and examination can reveal weak spots and cavities but it is up to the patient to take charge of their oral health when their dentist is not looking. As a dentist, Dr. Shields discusses with her patients time and time again how to care for their teeth, however it never hurts to offer a refresher course. Here are some helpful tips on toothbrushing to help you keep your teeth and gums safe all year long.

Why is Toothbrushing Important?

Daily oral care is one of the most important acts of wellness you can perform. The mouth is the gateway to the entire body and by keeping it clean and free of harmful bacteria you are...
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