TMJ and Neural Therapy

About 10 million Americans are suffering from Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ) pain today. For many people, the pain of TMJ may be so severe that daily living is interrupted. When you're dealing with TMJ symptoms, you may miss work, social activities, and even sleep. If you're suffering from TMJ, you're undoubtedly wishing for a solution that really works -- and it's now available thanks to neural therapy. Dr. Sheilds is proud to offer this non-invasive TMJ pain management solution at her dental practice in Jacksonville, Florida. 

TMJ Pain -- and What You Can Do About It

The temporomandibular joint keeps the jaw and skull connected, but in TMJ the joint can't move like it should. While normal actions like opening and closing your mouth shouldn't cause pain normally, a person who develops TMJ can suffer terribly every time they move their jaw. You may also have...
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Healing Power of the Human Mouth

Why is it that when you get a cut on your arm, leg, or  hand it seems like it takes days or even weeks to heal, but when you get a cut or sore in your mouth it practically heals overnight? That is the question we are about to answer. It may seem like magic that is causing your mouth to heal overnight, but there are several biological factors that aid the healing power of the human mouth.  

The Thin Tissue in Your Mouth is Very Quick to Heal  

Your mouth is lined with a very thin layer of oral tissue. The thinness of the oral tissue has its benefits and drawbacks. It is extremely prone to injury because it is so thin. However, it is the thinness of the oral tissue that makes it so easy to heal. The tissue in your...
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What is Bio Testing

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to dental procedures such as fillings and crowns. The materials used during the dental procedure may work for one patient, but not work for another. That is why many dentists are starting to offer bio testing to their patients. Bio testing helps dentists, like Dr. Tiffany K. Shields, better understand your body. Depending upon the specific type of bio testing that is performed, your dentist can discover if you have toxic levels of mercury in your system and determine your allergies or sensitivities to certain metals and materials commonly used in dental procedures. All of this information can be used to create customized treatment plans that work for your individual body. Smiles by Shields, a holistic dental practice located in Jacksonville, Florida, offers patients a number of bio testing o
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