How Snoring Causes Tooth Decay

Think that snoring is just a noise issue that bothers those around you while you sleep? You might want to think again. Snoring isn't just a noise problem. It is an issue that can cause a number of dental problems such as tooth decay. Discover how snoring causes tooth decay and other dental problems, who is at risk for developing problems from snoring, and what your local holistic dentist can do for you should you be a snorer. How Snoring Causes Tooth Decay When people say that snoring causes tooth decay, they don't mean the actual act of snoring directly leads to tooth decay. The dental problems and tooth decay are caused by the dry mouth. People who snore experience severe dry mouth which is why many people say that snoring causes tooth decay and dental problems. Dry mouth, which has the official medical term of...
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How Your Environment Shapes Your Oral Health

It is common knowledge that your oral health is directly related to how often you brush and floss as well as how often you visit the dentist for professional cleanings and checkup, but what some people don't realize is their environment shapes their oral health. Environmental Factors Shape a Person's Oral Health Researchers recently published a study in the American Society for Microbiology that looked at how microbiome – a unique group of organisms that contribute to your oral health and are found in saliva – are formed. The study tried to determine if genetics, household, age, or city played a bigger role in what microbiome were found in a person's saliva. The results weren't what researchers expected. While factors such as age and genetics slightly influenced what microbiome were found in people's saliva, it was the household that had the biggest influence on what types of...
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Quit Smoking for Healthier Teeth

There has been a campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of smoking. While this campaign has certainly increased awareness about the impact smoking has on your physical health, it hasn't raised enough awareness about the damage smoking can cause to your oral health. If you are a current smoker it is important you understand what smoking tobacco cigarettes is doing to your teeth, gums, and mouth. Understanding the oral health problems that are caused by smoking just might give you the push you need to quit this bad habit. The Unique Oral Health Problems Smokers Encounter Smokers experience very unique oral health problems that can be directly linked to their use of tobacco cigarettes. Some of the dental problems smokers may encounter include:
  • Increased buildup of plaque and tartar that can lead to cavities and tooth loss
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