Female Hormones and Dental Health

Being a woman comes with a mixed bag of life experiences. On the one hand women are capable of bringing life into the world, on the other hand women’s hormones can affect everything from their hair to how sensitive their gums and teeth are. As if life couldn’t get any more connected, female hormones play a large role in a woman’s susceptibility to oral disease.

What are Hormones?

Hormones are chemicals in our bodies that are responsible for sending messages from the brain and other glands and “tell” the rest of our body what to do. For example, during puberty the pituitary gland releases growth hormones that cause us to mature into adults. Hormones play a role in everything we do and are controlled by our endocrine system. This system is made up of glands they secrete very specific hormones....
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Taking Care Of Your Teeth as You Age

Some of the most taken for granted tissues in the human body are the teeth. We just tend to assume that they will always be there for us no matter what we do. That thought could not be farther from the truth. Our teeth, while one of our strongest tissues are one of our most exposed and battered tissues as well. We use them every day, and like the rest of our bodies they also age. As our teeth age they require special care; however, taking care of your teeth while you’re young can have a positive impact on the health of your teeth as you enter your golden years.

How Teeth Age

Our teeth age just as the rest of our bodies do. Interestingly enough, scientists aren’t exactly sure what determines our age but there are a few theories. One...
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Banish Bad Breath For Good

One of the more embarrassing occurrences in a person’s life is to be informed that you have bad breath. Thankfully for many people this is a one off event caused by a night of garlicky food, or forgetting to brush your teeth. For some however bad breath is a symptom of a chronic condition. For these people, it seems no amount of gum or length of tooth brushing will mask or remove the bad breath. Those suffering from halitosis do have options, they just need to make an appointment to discuss their issue with their Jacksonville, Florida dentist.

What Is Halitosis

Halitosis is a medical term for bad breath. There are many causes of halitosis and it is both treatable and preventable in most cases. It is estimated to plague 25 percent of the global population, and its main cause...
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