What Is Holistic Dentistry?

At this Jacksonville, Florida dental office we practice holistic dentistry. If you’ve never heard of holistic dentistry, we’re not surprised. Ours is a unique subset of the field and one we are proud and excited to bring to our patients. Holistic dentistry is grounded in the belief that the body works together as one whole being. Things like stress, poor diet, and oral hygiene all have a profound effect on how our body works, and it is important to understand how the health of the teeth and gums can play a crucial part in the health of our entire body. Practicing holistic dentistry is a privilege we take very seriously, and ensuring that our patients understand the superior level of care they receive at Smiles By Shields is what brings them back every six months.

Gateway To the Body

A pillar of holistic dentistry is that...
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Digital Images and Dentistry

During every dental check up at this Jacksonville, Florida dental office, Dr. Shields will examine each and every one of your teeth for signs of decay. This thorough examination is essential to discover dental caries, however there is a much better way to understand the state of your teeth and that is with digital imaging. Radiographic imagery has been used in dental offices for many years and only recently have many dental offices made the switch to digital imagery. Our 3D cone beam imaging tool is the latest in x-ray technology and is assisting Dr. Shields in diagnosing and treating not only cavities, but TMD, sleep disordered breathing, and aiding her ability to place dental implants.

Why X-Rays are Important

X-rays have are arguably one of the most important advances in medical technology. Since 1895 when they were accidentally discovered by a German physicist, Wilhelm...
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Physical Therapy For TMJ

As a holistic dentist in Jacksonville, Florida we think it is important to understand that the health of the mouth can affect the health of the body as a whole. For sufferers of temporomandibular joint pain, or TMJ, this reality can affect your daily life. TMJ is a rather common condition that affects patients in many different ways. This is in large due to the fact that TMJ has many causes. Because there are so many causes and symptoms, it can be a difficult treatment to correct, however our Jacksonville, Florida dental practice chooses to deal with cases of TMJ conservatively and with a holistic approach. Much can be done for a TMJ sufferer with the use of physical therapy.

Understanding TMJ

The temporomandibular joint is one of the most versatile joints in the entire body. It can move vertically as well as horizontally in two...
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