Bridging the Gap: All About Dental Bridges

When a person loses a tooth they are met with many options. While dental implants are all the rage, there is still much to be said about the dental bridge. Long before titanium rods were able to be placed into the jaw bone, bridges were used to fill gaps in teeth and restore aesthetics and function of the teeth. If you are missing a tooth and are wondering what to do about it, take a second to learn about the dental bridge.

What is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a prosthetic dental appliance that fills the space where a tooth has been lost. It is fixed to the adjacent or abutment teeth to either side and can be permanent or removable, much like an orthodontic retainer. They are made out of many types of materials including ceramic, porcelain, composite resin, or acrylic, and are...
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Mouth Microbes Affect the Health of your Gut

In health and wellness communities everywhere the importance and understanding of the digestive system is becoming more clear every day. As the gastrointestinal tract has been studied, its interconnectedness with the entire body is ushering in a new understanding and appreciation for the relationship between the gut and the microbiota of the oral cavity. This new research is providing dentists and gastroenterologists new information they can provide their patients to promote whole body wellness.

What is the Gut?

The word gut is a widely accepted moniker of the gastrointestinal tract. The gut is responsible for moving food from your stomach through your intestines. As it does this it breaks down and absorbs all the nutrients from that food into your body to be used for cellular and tissue repair and function. It is an important body system that when working properly provides the body with all...
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The Flu and Your Dental Health

With a focus on wellness, this Jacksonville, Florida dentist does a lot to remind her patients of the implications overall well being has on their oral wellness. During this flu season we feel it is important to remind our patients about how this illness affects oral health. It’s empowering to know what you can do to keep your teeth healthy while you fight this illness and how oral hygiene can help or hinder your healing.

What Does the Flu Have to Do With My Teeth?

Flu or, Influenza, is a respiratory virus that is extremely contagious.  It affects millions of people every year and can be fatal for those who have compromised or immature immune systems. It is characterized by a sore throat, cough, nasal congestion, muscle aches, fatigue, vomiting, and in some cases diarrhea and fever. With a healthy...
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